Joint call between MOSBRI, iNext-Discovery and Instruct-ERIC.

The call is now closed (it was open from the 15th of January to the 30th of March 2023).

International research and innovation initiatives are most effective to tackle global challenges and thus they have become a strategic priority for the European Union. In recent years, European research infrastructures have been working to strengthen the collaboration with the global structural biology community, for instance through the organisation of highly successful international calls-for-proposals. MOSBRI has joined in this endeavour with Instruct-ERIC and iNEXT-Discovery to launch a joint international access call.

This call is open to scientists globally, with the aim of promoting the exchange of experiences, staff and access provision across the world.

Funding is available to support research projects by providing research visits or remote access to any of the MOSBRI, Instruct-ERIC or iNEXT-Discovery centres. Applicants must submit a short research proposal selecting sample preparation, biophysics or structural biology services from the online catalogue of the three infrastructures, each proposal including one or more services from any of the catalogues. Users can apply for individual or integrated access to the three infrastructures, for a limited time.

For more information about the range of services available at the research infrastructures, via this call please visit the catalogues.

Submitted proposals will be evaluated and selected by a scientific committee based on scientific excellence. The scientific committee comprises representatives from MOSBRI, Instruct-ERIC and iNEXT-Discovery centres.

Eligibility is based on the rules of each research infrastructure involved:

MOSBRI and iNEXT-Discovery: This call is open to any researcher worldwide working either in an academic or industrial research environment. Both infrastructures support access to instrumentation and expertise provided by the transnational access sites, typically for up to 2 weeks, as well as accommodation, travel within Europe and in some cases, a daily allowance for meals.

Instruct-ERIC: Access is restricted to researchers from institutions holding a Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with Instruct-ERIC. The list of eligible institutions is available here. Successful applications will receive reimbursement for sample shipping costs up to €400 per visit as well as funding towards infrastructure access, making it free of charge in most cases. Instruct-ERIC will fund up to one visit per application. Take a look at our access table to see how many days are available per technology.

In all cases, funding will not cover the travel from the applicant’s country to Europe. Applicants must find co-funding to cover it.

Applications for MOSBRI

MOSBRI provides free of charge trans-national access (TNA) to researchers from academia and industry to molecular-scale biophysics instrumentation and expertise, aimed at studying biological systems at an intermediate level between atomic-resolution structural descriptions and cellular-scale observations, at 13 top class European biophysical laboratories across Europe.

TNA allows free access to the techniques provided by the TNA site, typically for up to 2 weeks. In addition, the TNA covers:

  1. local accommodation
  2. a daily allowance for meals is offered by some TNA sites

Travel is not covered by the TNA, users should find co-funding to cover their travel expenses.

Under the joint call, access to MOSBRI services is provided as:

Instruments and methodologies: This is suitable if you have a focussed research question and already feel that you know which instrument/methodology your project needs access to. Look at the list of techniques to see the available instrumentation at the different MOSBRI TNA partners.

If you are unsure which instrument suite will best answer your project’s scientific questions, the MOSBRI TNA manager can guide you, and if needed arrange a consultation between you and the MOSBRI panel of experts. You can contact the TNA manager using the form below.

If you wish to request access under the joint call to multiple MOSBRI services, please choose them all from the drop down list under “Please select the MOSBRI service you wish to apply for”

If you have identified a particular MOSBRI TNA site, or sites, you wish to request access to, please also select this. If you leave this as None selected, i.e. if no site is specified, the MOSBRI TNA manager will aid in selecting the optimum MOSBRI TNA site for your proposal.

How to apply

The call for proposals is now closed.


Contact the MOSBRI TNA Manager

If you are interested in making use our TNA services to answer your scientific questions, you can contact the MOSBRI TNA manager using the form below