Products offered as TNA under MOSBRI

1) Pasteur-PFBMI, Molecular Biophysics core facility, Institut Pasteur, FR **

Pasteur-PFBMI will provide, in remote access mode, protein standards for the calibration and benchmarking of instruments. This will help ensuring that instrument specifications and usage are optimal all over Europe. The first standard is an anti-lysozyme nanoboy, which is now available for distribution through the MOSBRI TNA scheme.

Product Description

The standard is a negatively charged polypeptide (14.2 kDa) consisting of 127 amino acid residues carrying a 6-His tag. It has been lyophilized at approx. 1 mg/mL (69 µM) without surfactant but with its buffer, i.e. PBS.

Typical Analysis

Purity: > 99 %