End user short courses

These courses will be focussed on specific research areas, enabling end-users to network and to get acquainted with specific techniques available in the network. Each short course will last up to three days and consist of tutorial lectures, hands-on exercises and/or instrument demos. Up to 10 attendees are expected for each short course (2-3 days per course, with a total of 100 attendees for all courses), and speakers will be network members. Practical training provided through short courses is an important means of dissemination of biophysical techniques in order to improve the skills and know-how necessary for performing these specialized experiments, as well as to encourage TNA applications.

Follow the links to find out more about a specific course. Those without links are still in the planning stage and will be added later.

  • ESC1 (AU-SRCD) Circular Dichroism: best practice and data analysis
        When: 3rd -5th November 2021. Where: Aarhus University, Denmark
  • ESC2 (ProLinC) Fluorescence microscopy for amyloid fibril imaging
        When: 23rd -25th May 2022. Where: Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden
  • ESC3 (EMBL-SPC) Quality control for integral membrane proteins
        When: 12th -14th September 2022. Where: Hamburg, Germany
  • ESC4 (DSB-UROM) Advanced kinetic approaches to unravel protein structure and function
  • ESC5 (MoB-IBT) Label-free techniques for the characterisation of protein interactions
  • ESC6 (EPR-MS) EPR spectroscopy: spin labelling of radicals and metal centres for the study of protein dynamics
  • ESC7 (RUGB) Single molecule approaches
  • ESC8 (BIFI-LACRIMA) Basic and advanced protocols in biological calorimetry
  • ESC9 (LAMBS) Correlative microscopy: from cells to single molecules
  • ESC10 (NIC) Protein-membrane interactions