WP7: Coordination, communication & sustainability

  • Leader: Patrick England (Pasteur-PFBMI, Paris, FR)
  • Co-leader: Søren Vrønning Hoffmann (AU-SRCD, Aarhus, DK)

The overall objective of WP7 is to coordinate the successful implementation of the MOSBRI project by setting up a clear organizational and decisional framework, and by monitoring efficiently the project’s progress towards its planned objectives. In addition, in the framework of this WP, we plan to put in place an effective dissemination strategy to facilitate the transfer of knowledge among the beneficiaries and outside the consortium, in conjunction with WP5 and to reach the full exploitation potential of our approach.

  • Provide an efficient project management to fulfil EC contractual obligations
  • Create and operate an efficient website and establish and maintain presence on social media
  • Provide advice and assistance to partners regarding administration, intellectual property rights, reporting and Open Access strategy.
  • Ensure qualitative follow-up concerning reporting and exploitation of the project results
  • Ensure the sustainability of the MOSBRI community after the end of the project
  • Synergies and advocacy to reach out to a broader community with a variety of stakeholders including Scientific/technological communities, Industries, including SMEs and Journal editors/ funding agencies
  • Scientific coordination and technical management including support to TNA management