MOSBRI answers molecular-scale biology research questions

To make use of the free-of-charge TNA services that MOSBRI offers, you do not need to be an expert.

MOSBRI‘s aim is the study of biological systems at the level between atomic-resolution structural descriptions and cellular-scale observations.

Through MOSBRI we offer access to experts and instrumentation to answer your research and development questions within molecular-scale biology, using a large variety of biophysical techniques to investigate biomolecules including proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, lipids etc. We aim at being inclusive, so that non-experts in biophysics may also take advantage of what we offer.

MOSBRI welcomes industry at any level, including start-up companies and SMEs, even if you might not be familiar with biophysics. So if you would like to know more about how we might help you in e.g. business development or structure/interaction validation at the molecular level, then we welcome you to use our TNA services.

To highlight the kind of molecular biology related questions we might be able to help you answer, we have compiled a list of some questions you may be considering.

Biomolecule quality, architecture and folding

  • How stable is your biomolecule and what is the shelf-life?
  • How can you make your biomolecule more stable and prolong its shelf-life?
  • How large is your biomolecule in solution?
  • Is your biomolecule oligomeric / aggregating / homogeneous?
  • What are the optimal experimental conditions for your biomolecule?
  • Is your biomolecule/protein folded?
  • How is your biomolecule/protein folded?


  • Do you need to understand the mechanism of interaction of your biomolecule at the molecular scale?
  • How strong and stable is your protein-ligand interaction?
  • Which specific ligands would interact with your protein?
  • What are the intermolecular driving forces underlying the protein-ligand interaction?
  • What is the influence of other biomolecules on the protein stability/interaction?
  • How to find small ligands to inhibit or rescue your protein?

Your sample and cells

  • Is your biomolecule interacting with other biomolecules or cellular structures?
  • Is a certain compound cytotoxic?
  • Is your biomolecule inducing cellular changes (growth arrest, death, cell proliferation/differentiation…)?
  • Do you need to follow your compound getting into a cell?

Support for innovation

  • Do you need to explore biophysics to fulfill regulatory requirements for your innovations?
  • Do you need a proof of concept at the molecular scale of your innovations?

A list such as the one above will never be fully comprehensive, so even if your research questions do not appear there and you have a need for access to answers within molecular biophysics, please do not hesitate to contact us.

MOSBRI is EU funded so we offer our services as free-of-charge transnational access (TNA), both as visits to our partners or as remote access via sample mail-in services.

You can read more about our TNA services here and about how to obtain access on our Apply for TNA page from where you may also submit a TNA proposal. You are always welcome to ask our MOSBRI TNA manager any questions about our TNA services by using the contact form below. If you want to learn more about the activities of MOSBRI and what we offer, visit the homepage and browse the website.


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