WP1: Transnational access to instrumentation and expertise

  • Leader: Søren Vrønning Hoffmann (AU-SRCD, Aarhus, DK)
  • Co-leader: Maria Sunnerhagen (ProLinC, Linköping, SE)

The objective of this work package is to provide excellence-driven integrated trans-national access to the cutting-edge instrumentation and expertise of 13 MOSBRI academic centres in the field of molecular-scale biophysics “between the atom and cell”. Free of charge Trans-national access (TNA) physical visits under MOSBRI typically range from a few days up to about 2 weeks, with remote TNA also provided by most partners. Besides from the access modes described below, MOSBRI also offers Project maturation where our moderator panel experts can offer to guide potential TNA users to which of our pipelines or instruments will best answer their project’s scientific question.

Three access modes are provided:

  • Access to pipelines

An integrated access to a synergistic set of biophysical instruments and technologies. This will allow the TNA user to fully exploit the overarching expertise of the TNA site to tackle advanced questions. The TNA offer is strongly linked to WP2, within which joint pipelines involving several TNA sites will be developed. These will further roll out the full combined potential of the TNA sites of MOSBRI as an integrated infrastructure, and will be made available to users during the course of this grant.

Read more about the pipelines here.

  • Access to instruments/methodologies

This modality provides direct TNA to specific instrumentation, when the user has a focussed research question that can be addressed by a specific technique, and a suitable sample for the analysis.

Read more about the instrumentation/methodologies available here.

  • Remote access

MOSBRI centres will provide remote access, both to products (e.g. protein standards that can be used to calibrate and benchmark instruments or for training) and to pipelines or instruments for users who request to ship samples for analysis rather than travelling physically. Each MOSBRI TNA partner has specific conditions for remote access.

How to gain access to our centres of excellence

Access is provided via a proposal submission system, where an application for TNA may be submitted. The proposal will be handled by the MOSBRI TNA moderators, peer-reviewed by experts where a majority are from outside MOSBRI, and reviewed/accepted by the TNA site(s). You can read more about the moderation, reviewing and acceptance process under our Apply for TNA page.