WP4: JRA – Standards for data archiving & exploitation

Joint research activities – MOSBRI work package 4

Survey on Needs for Data Standardisation and Databases in Molecular Biophysics

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Aims of WP4

Provision of new data standards for biophysical data

to ensure interoperability of information obtained by different biophysical methods and with other bioinformatics research infrastructures producing and processing biological/biomolecular data.

Support for the development of improved data processing protocols

for selected methods and for the implementation of standards for data storage to ensure the efficient safeguard of biophysical data.

Provision of a pilot database for biophysical data

to improve its efficiency of use and re-use.


WP4 – Latest news

Jan. 2023: The first testing campaign of the test version of the pilot database was completed.

Oct. 2023: Implementation of major changes from the first testing campaign finished.

Jan. 2024: Revised and simplified metadata models for several techniques.

Mar. 2024: New version of the metadata input form.

May 2024: Implementation of vocabularies and input forms for MST, SPR, BLI and ITC.


There have been several efforts to create standardised databases in the biophysical data management area. Some examples are:

Instruct-ERIC: A pan-European research infrastructure for structural biology. https://instruct-eric.eu/

SCORPION: Free online repository of protein-ligand complexes which have been structurally resolved and thermodynamically characterised. https://desertsci.com/products/scorpion/

PDB-Dev: Prototype archiving system for structural models. https://pdb-dev.wwpdb.org/

The WP4 team


Jan Dohnalek

Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Prague, Czech Republic


Mark Williams

Institute of Molecular and Structural Biology, Birkbeck, University of London, London, UK


Juan Sabin

Affinimeter, S4SD
Santiago de Compostela

Contact the WP4 team

Contact us if you have experience in biophysical data management and you are willing to collaborate or if you have any questions about our activities