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MOSBRI Publications

A list of publications arising from MOSBRI supported TNA.

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 New TNA Methodologies


Based on experience gained from TNA visits, staff exchange and other projects, MOSBRI continues to develop new methodologies or pipelines to offer users through the TNA programme.

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MOSBRI Attended…

MOSBRI partners have attended conferences/meetings to advertise the network.

Recent attendance...

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Course Material

Material used in courses held by MOSBRI partners is available to anyone to download.

Download course material

The course material used for each can be viewed and downloaded by following the links below:

Dissemination Material

To advertise the MOSBRI project and the opportunities available for support through the transnational access programme, a variety of flyers and posters have been prepared.

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Photos from TNA visits, conference attendance, course held…

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Latest News



MOSBRI aims to send out a newsletter 3 to 4 times a year.

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News archive

MOSBRI news items as included in “latest news” are archived as a list.

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