15th June 2022: The full programme and abstract book is now available for download here


19th July 2022: Many of the presentations given at the conference are now available to view online. To watch a presentation on YouTube, click on the title of the talk in the programme page.

Participants of the MOSBRI2022 conference at Institut Pasteur, Paris

The next MOSBRI scientific conference will be held in Zaragoza, Spain
from the 5th to 7th of June 2023!

Molecular-scale biophysics is the study of the architecture, dynamics and interactions of the giant molecules of life (proteins, DNA, RNA, polysaccharides, lipids) via measurements of their physical properties. It is fundamental to both our understanding of how living organisms work, and our ability to block or enhance the function of these molecules, notably for therapeutic purposes. Deciphering the complexity of the behaviour of macromolecular assemblies requires a multi-faceted approach resorting to a large variety of distinct biophysical methods.

MOSBRI (Molecular-Scale Biophysics Research Infrastructure www.mosbri.eu) is a geographically distributed, scientifically and technologically integrated consortium, combining the distinct instrumentation and expertise of 13 academic centres of excellence and 2 industrial partners from 11 different European countries, coordinated by Institut Pasteur (Paris, France) and funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission.

The first MOSBRI conference will show how such an integrated network can tackle an unusually wide variety of life science research questions. It will include presentations from MOSBRI partners and Scientific Advisory Board members, as well as from scientists that have already benefitted from the free of charge Trans-National Access (TNA) opportunities that MOSBRI provides.

There will be two poster sessions, allowing delegates to present their research and to network with MOSBRI partners. Details of how to submit an abstract for a poster can be found on the Registration/Abstracts page. Posters should be prepared in portrait orientation with dimensions 100 cm high by 70 cm wide (note this is smaller than the standard A0 size).