3) ULB – Centre for Structural Biology and Bioinformatics, Université Libre de Bruxelles

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Partner description

The infrastructure is located in the Centre for Structural Biology and Bioinformatics of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, in Brussels. Combining protein microarrays with state-of-the-art FTIR imaging is a unique tool. It provides high throughput analysis of proteins.

Instruments / methodologies offered through TNA

The main pieces of equipment are:

  • Microarrayer: protein microarrays (up to 4,000 spots/cm2) are produced by an Arrayjet Marathon Microarrayer (ArrayJet, Roslin, UK). Temperature, relative humidity  and HEPA air filtration control provided by a Jetmosphere TM Environmental Control System (ArrayJet, Roslin, UK).
  • Pipetting robot: Pipetting robot Freedom EVO 150 (AirLiha 8) robotic unit from TECAN. Used to prepare 384 well-paltes to feed the microarrayer.
  • FTIR imaging: data are collected using an Agilent 128 x 128 Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) Focal Plane Array (FPA) detector for mid-IR imaging. 15x and 4x objectives + high magnification.
  • Standard FTIR spectroscopy and accessories: five FTIR spectrometers with MCT detectors, ATR, variable angle ATR, polarizers, high throughput 96-well plates transmission FTIR spectroscopy.

Access modality: Typically 3-5 days are sufficient for an exhaustive study of a few samples. Both physical and remote access is provided.

Sample requirements

Full details of the sample requirements for the techniques offered at this TNA site can be found here.