8) NIC – Molecular Interactions, Department of Molecular Biology and Nanobiotechnology, National Institute of Chemistry

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

MOSBRI reference site for the following techniques:
MST: Micro Scale Thermophoresis, QCM: Quartz Crystal Microbalance, SPR: Surface Plasmon Resonance

Practical information:
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Partner description

The Molecular Interactions Consortium provides comprehensive characterisation of molecular interactions and development of analytical methods for biotechnology, pharmacy and food technology.

Instruments / methodologies offered through TNA

We offer access to

  • SPR (Biacore X, Biacore X100, Biacore T200),
  • ITC (MicroCal VP-ITC),
  • MST (Monolith NT.115),
  • Quartz crystal microbalance (OpenQCM),
  • Equipment for protein purification and characterization: circular dichroism, thermofluor, fluorescence and UV/vis spectroscopy, etc.

Access modality: Access is typically allocated for 4 days. Both physical and remote access is provided.

Sample requirements and further technical details

Full details of the sample requirements for each of the techniques offered at this TNA site can be found here. Further, more specific details, of some of the techniques offered are also included.