Basic Level Schools

These schools are mainly aimed at individuals who wish to acquire the basics of MOSBRI techniques or who are at an early stage of exposure to these kinds of methodologies. At the end of the school, the participants should be able to fully appreciate the potential impact of biophysical tools in their present or future professional occupation. The BLS are intended to provide a basic but also comprehensive overview of the MOSBRI instrumentation, its performance and the variety of possible applications. Participants will be trained to solve problems in practice and should be fully aware of the importance of MOSBRI and of the challenges that it tackles.

  • BLS1 (Pasteur-PFBMI) Quality control of protein samples
        When: Monday 4th– Friday 8th April 2022, Where: Institut Pasteur, Paris, France (Pasteur-PFBMI)
  • BLS2 (MoB-IBT) Techniques to study single molecule/particle interactions
        When: Monday 13th– Friday 13th May 2024, Where: Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences (MoB-IBT)