Workshop: Handling fibrillar and amyloid proteins

Date: Thursday 2nd February 2023, 13:00-17:00 CET

Location: Online – Zoom, hosted by ProLinC

Online workshop and consensus meeting

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Amyloid fibril protein samples are rather complex to handle from an experimental perspective and represent a potential concern for researchers and managers at infrastructures.

This workshop aims to address experiences and practices in utilizing biophysical techniques and structural biology experiments of amyloid proteins.


13:00-13:30 Introduction and “Handling of amyloid fibril samples: Self propagation properties, structural polymorphism and biosafety aspects”
Per Hammarström, Linköping University/ProlinC, Sweden
13:30-14:00 “Polyglutamine amyloid structures by ssNMR spectroscopy”
Patrick van der Wel, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
14:00-14:30 Amyloid structures by solid-state NMR, opportunities/limitations and biosafelty”
Beat Meier, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
15:00-15:30 “Structural biology of ex vivo amyloid fibrils from humans and animals by Cryo-EM”
Stefano Ricagno, Dept. of Biosciences, University of Milan, Italy
15:30-16:00 “Proteopathic seeds as pathogens and biomarkers”
Byron Caughey, Rocky Mountain Labs, NIAID, NIH, Hamilton Montana, USA

Consensus meeting section

The meetings will bring together MOSBRI experts in each field of the agenda, plus experts from outside the consortium, instrument developers and CROs. The meetings will aim to facilitate exchange of experiences, and to reach understanding and adoption of best practices amongst the participants.

The meetings will also aim to highlight areas in need of improvement, particularly where the MOSBRI partners could enable the advance of the state-of-the-art, e.g., through data sharing or joint research within MOSBRI or with external stakeholders. At the end of each meeting, at least one benchmarking action should be proposed to Task 6.2, to support proposed improvements concerning the topic of the meeting.

16:00-17:00“Handling and biosafety of fibrillar and amyloid samples”
Panel discussion and Q/A session. Benchmarking action proposal.
 Panel A: Facility managers
Dean Derbyshire (ProLinC), Søren Vrønning Hoffmann (AU-SRCD), Claudio Canale (LAMBS), Vincent Raussens (ULB), Jehan Waeytens (ULB), Bertrand Raynal (Pasteur-PFBMI)
 Panel B: Amyloid researchers
Anja Böckmann, Byron Caughey, Per Hammarström, Beat Meier, Stefano Ricagno and Patrick van der Wel