EBSA Satellite meeting: Proton transport and proton-coupled transport

Date(s) - 22/07/21 - 24/07/21
All day event


Organisation: Peter Pohl, JKU University, Linz, Austria

Scope of the meeting

The meeting brings together European Scientists interested in interfacial protons and related transport phenomena. Proton transfer is crucial in numerous biological and chemical processes, e.g., in cellular proton pumps or hydrogen fuel cells. Proton transfers are among the most common biochemical reactions, being involved both in the use of chemical energy in mitochondrial respiration and in light initiated oxygen fixing photosynthetic reactions. The dysfunction of proton transporters was reported to have implications for cancer, obesity, or gastritis – to name a few examples. Many details of the underlying proton transfer mechanisms are still unresolved, and understanding how confined water mediates proton dynamics remains a fundamental challenge in biophysics. Furthermore, in the biotechnical field, the deep understanding of proton transfer will enable biomimetic applications, such as recreation of ATP biosynthesis.


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