SFB-GEM 2021 “Biophysics of Membranes and Beyond”

Date(s) - 27/09/21 - 30/09/21
All day event


The SFB-GEM 2021 Meeting “Biophysics of Membranes and Beyond” is organized jointly by the French Biophysical Society and the GEM (Membrane Study Group), a thematic group of SFB dedicated to the study of cellular membranes.

This conference will take place by videoconference, from the 27th to the 30st of September 2021.

Different topics listed below will be addressed in 9 sessions:

Session 1: Protein-lipid interaction and membrane remodeling
Session 2: Mechanobiology and cell motility
Session 3: Glycobiology, sweets and membranes
Session 4: Membrane protein structure and dynamics
Session 5: New technologies
Session 6: Disordered protein domains and liquid-liquid phase separation
Session 7: Mass spectrometry approaches in membrane applications
Session 8: Integrative approaches in molecular modeling
Session 9: New frontiers in bioimaging

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