EPR-MRS: Sample requirements

What are the sample requirements?

  • Pure samples are requested.
  • For a Spin Labelling (Nitroxide label) experiment, 50-100 nmoles are required.
    cw-EPR: 10-50 µM in 50 µL / pulsed EPR (DEER) 60-100 µM in 15 µL
  • For metalloproteins
    cw and pulsed EPR: typical concentration 50-100 µM in 100-150 µL

What other specific considerations are relevant?

  • Avoid the presence of paramagnetic species in the buffer (Mn2+, Fe3+, …)
  • Indicate the presence of reducing agents (DTT, TCEP, …)
  • Please contact for specific details on the experimental protocol
  • Contact person for spin labelling experiments: Valérie Belle ()
  • Contact person for metalloproteins: Pierre Dorlet ()