SAXS: Small angle X-ray scattering

Small angle X-ray scattering is used to get information about structure of a sample on the nanoscale as well as morphological information. This includes shape analysis of e.g. proteins, which can be compared to structural models of the sample. The technique allows high-level characterization of particles in solution and assessment of sample quality.

What are the sample requirements?

  • Minimal volume: 10-20 μL.
  • Sample concentration: 1-10 mg/mL. Typically, concentration series are advised for complete analysis.
  • Samples should be both pure and as monodisperse as is possible (preferably above 95%)

What other specific considerations are relevant?

  • Blank buffer has to be exactly the same as the sample buffer. Dialysis is suggested as the last step of sample preparation.

Partners offering this technique

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