Time-resolved single particle fluorescence

Time-resolved single particle fluorescence is performed with a MicroTime 200 (PicoQuant) instrument and is based on a Time-resolved Confocal Fluorescence Microscope. Both diffusion-based single molecule experiments and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy are possible on fluorophore labelled proteins or other macromolecules. The instrument can be used to sense changes in the local environment of a macromolecule, typically a protein or a protein complex, as well as detecting and characterizing interactions and conformal changes.

What are the sample requirements?

  • Highly pure samples are required.
  • Standard measurements are performed with 50 μL of 200 pM labelled protein for single-molecule experiments or 1 nM for fluorescence correlation spectroscopy measurements

What other specific considerations are relevant?

  • The attachment of an appropriate fluorophore probe to the macromolecule of study is required.
  • Please contact for specific details on the experimental protocol
  • Contact person: Nunilo Cremades ()

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