MOSBRI community in Zenodo.

MOSBRI recognises and pushes forward the importance of Open Science and the FAIR principles. Placing scientific results in their proper context is a fundamental part of a scientific article. Unfortunately, attempts to place raw data in a proper context, i.e. providing rich metadata information about how the data was generated and which chemical species were investigated, are still at a very early state. As a consequence, high-quality data which was painstakingly measured ends up on thumb-drives in desk drawers rather than becoming starting points for developing new hypotheses, becoming part of meta studies, or being used for training and artificial neural networks. To address this, MOSBRI is developing formats for standardising scientific metadata as well as a data repository for public storage and retrieval of data*.

In the meantime, we encourage our colleagues to publish data in general-purpose, open repositories like Zenodo. With the aim of highlighting the work carried out within and with the help of MOSBRI, we have created a MOSBRI community in Zenodo. Results of the project’s joint research activities are already deposited there, and MOSBRI TNA users, collaborators and other members of the biophysics community can use this platform to share their data.

To browse data within the MOSBRI community, use the following link:

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*If you are interested in contributing to the development of this community, do not hesitate to contact us at