Prizes awarded at MOSBRI 2024

At the MOSBRI 2024 conference, there were prizes awarded for the three best posters and the three best oral presentations, as well as two prizes for the best presentation of research conducted as part of MOSBRI TNA. Each prize is endowed with 200 euros and is supported by ARBRE, Applied Photophysics and PicoQuant. The prizes awarded by ARBRE also include an annual ARBRE membership for the year 2024.

Best Poster Award

P47: eSPC, an online data analysis platform for molecular biophysics
Osvaldo Burastero, Stephan Niebling, Angelica Struve, Maria M. Garcia-Alai

P48: Assembly and dynamics of the outer membrane exopolysaccharide transporter PelBC of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Marius Benedens, Cristian Rosales Hernandez, Sabine Straathof, Jennifer Loschwitz, Tim Kroll, Giovanni Maglia, Roland Beckmann, Alexej Kedrov

P67: Engineering protein folding for real time, continuous biosensing
Alba Pejenaute, Pablo Herrero, Laura Gálvez, Gabriel Ortega

Best TNA beneficiary presentation

T7: Novel strategy for mAb developability assessment: focus on the Fab with vibrational spectroscopy
Karim Ben Ali Gacem, Paloma Fernández Varela, Thomas Bertrand, Jehan Waeytens, Sana Tfaili, Ali Tfayli, Jean-Baptiste Charbonnier

T34: Spectroscopic insights into the mechanism of hydrazine synthase
Wouter Versantvoort, Rainer Hienerwadel, Christina Ferousi, Catherine Berthomieu, Pieter van der Velden, Laura van Niftrik, Frauke Baymann

Best oral presentation

T44: Microscopes and antarctic fish: how developing high-resolution microscopy for 0°C imaging sheds a new life on cold-adapted systems
Anne-Pia Marty, Clemens Kaminski, Melody Clark, Lloyd Peck

T26: Probing protein-induced local membrane deformation: a small-angle scattering and computational study
Enrico F. Semeraro, Paulina Piller, Rahul Deb, Ladislav Bartoš, Sandro Keller, Robert Vácha, Georg Pabst

T58: Infrared nanospectroscopy a new tool in biophysics
Jehan Waeytens, Quentin Machiels, Vincent Raussens

Winners of the prizes at the MOSBRI 2024 conference.