Download the Programme and Abstracts book for the conference via the link below

The conference will start around midday on Monday the 10th of June and finish at lunch time on Thursday the 13th of June 2024.

Topics of the sessions at the conference are:

  • Macromolecular interactions, kinetics and dynamics
  • Emerging approaches in biophysics – co-organised by the Association of Resources for Biophysical Research in Europe, ARBRE
  • Integrative structural biology – organised by Instruct Eric
  • Computational biophysics and artificial intelligence applications
  • Molecular bioimaging – organised by the Slovenian Biophysical Society
  • Macromolecular design, stability and quality control

Monday 10th June 2024

13:00 Registration, welcome coffee
14:00 Welcome address
14:15 Synthetic biology for the design of modular protein assemblies and mammalian cell regulation
Roman Jerala
, National Institute of Chemistry, SI
Chair: Gregor Anderluh
Opening plenary
Session 1: Macromolecular design, stability and quality control
Chairs: Gregor Anderluh, Javier Sancho
15:00 Unveiling the molecular biophysics of the oncoprotein MYC and its interactions
Maria Sunnerhagen
, Linköping University, SE
Invited presentation
15:25 Characterization of new Dps-based protein structures by SRCD
Raquel Pacheco
, NOVA School of Science and Technology, PT
TNA Beneficiary
15:40 Understanding macromolecular structural features in solution by combining size exclusion chromatography, multi array detectors and integrated analysis
Bertrand Raynal
, Institut Pasteur, FR
Oral presentation
15:55 Coffee break
16:25 High-throughput light scattering as a powerful tool for molecular characterization, interactions, and quality control
Malgorzata Łopaciuk
, Waters, Wyatt Technology, DE
Company presentation
16:35 Advancing biomolecular interaction analysis with GatorBio biolayer interferometry technology
Jeroen Schoorl
, I&L Biosystems, DE
Company presentation
16:45 Novel strategy for mAb developability assessment: focus on the Fab with vibrational spectroscopy
Karim Ben Ali Gacem
, I2BC CEA Saclay, FR
TNA Beneficiary
17:00 Tracking the steps of a completely de novo designed random protein walker
Ajasja Ljubetič
, National Institute of Chemistry, SI
Oral presentation
17:15 Poly-affibodies and their binding to membrane receptors: synthesis and biophysical characterization
Josef Hamacek
Oral presentation
17:30 Design of nanoreactors for plastic depolymerization based on pore-forming toxins
Sara García-Linares
, Complutense University of Madrid, ES
Invited presentation
17:55 Poster / networking session and welcome reception (Glass Hall)

Tuesday 11th June 2024

08:00 Welcome coffee
08:30 Live Paint – a versatile new method for super-resolution imaging in live cells
Lynne Regan
, University of Edinburgh, UK
Chair: Iztok Urbančič
Session 2: Macromolecular interactions, kinetics and dynamics
Chairs: Maria Sunnerhagen, Serena Rinaldo
09:15 The ABC of oligomannose-6 binding to FimH E. coli adhesin
Julie Bouckaert
, UGSF, UMR 8576 CNRS and University of Lille, FR
Oral presentation
09:30 NLPs from fungi Moniliopthora perniciosa and oomycete Pythium aphanidermatum display pore-forming activity on GIPC-rich membranes
Nika Žibrat
, National Institute of Chemistry, SI
Oral presentation
09:45 Exploring the role of the N-terminal tails dynamics of a Dps protein nanocage on plasmid DNA binding
Ana J. Carvalho
, NOVA School of Science and Technology, PT
TNA Beneficiary
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 A combined microscale thermophoresis and capillary electrophoresis to study protein/small inhibitor interactions directly in cell lysates and in whole cells
Solweig Chartier
Oral presentation
10:45 Comprehensive characterization of molecular interactions from small molecules to cells using switchSENSE® and RT-IC
Stéphane Pinhal
, Dynamic Biosensors, DE
Company presentation
10:55 Kinetic mechanism and deteminants of EF-P recruitment to translating ribosomes
Vitalii Mudryi
, Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences, DE
Invited presentation
11:20 Impact of redox alterations on IDO1 inhibitors binding properties
Elisa Bianconi
, University of Perugia, IT
Oral presentation
11:35 Biochemical and biophysical characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis SseA, a thiosulfate:cyanide sulfurtransferase and its interaction network
Salvatore Adinolfi
, University of Torino, IT
TNA Beneficiary
11:50 Monolith X: a tool for molecular-scale biophysical measurements
Quentin Canelle
, Nanotemper Technologies, DE
Company presentation
12:00 Folding of multi-domain proteins – folding intermediates, hidden kinetic traps and cryptic functional features
Stefano Gianni
, Sapienza University of Rome, IT
Invited presentation
12:25 Lunch
Session 3: Computational biophysics and artificial intelligence applications
Chairs: Jan Dohnalek, Jan Stransky
14:00 Computational biophysics meets medicine – from biomolecular simulations to animal models
Laura Orellana
, Karolinska Institutet, SE
Invited presentation
14:25 Annotation and validation of nucleic acid structures: increasing the quality and interoperability of the data
Bohdan Schneider
, Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Invited presentation
14:50 Accurate and efficient SAXS/SANS implementation including solvation layer effects suitable for molecular simulations
Federico Ballabio
, Universitá di Milano, IT
TNA Beneficiary
15:05 Probing protein-induced local membrane deformation: a small-angle scattering and computational study
Enrico Federico Semeraro
, University of Graz, AT
Oral presentation
15:20 Coffee break
15:50 Identification of ClpC1 inhibitors using an in silico approach
Hugo Fraga
TNA Beneficiary
16:05 Orange and Quasar: interactive data exploration for spectroscopy
Marko Toplak
, University of Ljubljana, SI
Oral presentation
16:20 Molecular Biophysics Database of raw data – MBDB
Jan Dohnálek
, Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, CZ
Oral Presentation
16:35 Computational tools to get the most out of biophysical data
Juan Sabín
, AFFINImeter, ES
Invited presentation
17:00 Poster / networking session (until 19:00 in the Glass Hall)
17:30 ARBRE Assembly until 19:00. Open to all. (The Banquet Room, ground floor)

A guided tour of Ljubljana Botanical Gardens has been arranged to take place at 19:00 on Tuesday 11th of June. Click here to read more and to sign up.

Wednesday 12th June 2024

08:00 Welcome coffee
08:30 Instruct-ERIC- pan-European research infrastructure for structural biology. Examples for integrated structural biology studies
Harald Schwalbe
, Goethe-University, DE
Chair: Kristina Djinovic Carugo
Session 4: Integrative structural biology
Chairs: Kristina Djinovic Carugo, Marjetka Podobnik
09:15 Intrinsically disordered proteins studied by NMR spectroscopy: insights from 13C direct detection
Isabella Felli
, University of Florence, IT
Invited presentation
09:40 Progress in the integrative analysis of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex metabolon
Toni Träger
, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, DE
TNA Beneficiary
09:55 Spectroscopic insights into the mechanism of hydrazine synthase
Wouter Versantvoort
, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, DE
TNA Beneficiary
10:10 Orthogonal spectroscopy-systems for the analysis of protein stability and structural changes
Markus Epe
, Applied Photophysics, UK
Company presentation
10:20 Coffee break
10:50 Deciphering the intricate hierarchy: subtleties in clathrin heavy chain binding boxes provide selectivity among adaptor proteins of budding yeast
Maria Garcia Alai
Invited presentation
11:15 A closer look at interactions between actinoporins and lipids: insights through Cryo-EM and molecular dynamics simulations
Gašper Šolinc
, National institute of Chemistry, SI
Oral presentation
11:30 Integrative structural biology to decipher the mechanism of host cell intoxication by the CyaA toxin
Alexandre Chenal
, Pasteur Institute, FR
Oral presentation
11:45 Integrative structural biology on cytokine-receptor assemblies for fundamental and translational science
Savvas Savvides
, Ghent University, BE
Oral presentation
12:00 Pushing the boundaries of cryo-EM throughput and resolution at 200kV
Itziar Serna Martin
, ThermoFisher, NL
Company presentation
12:10 Cryo-STEM tomography: a bridge between molecular and cellular morphologies
Sharon Wolf
, Weizmann Institute of Science, IL
Invited presentation
12:35 Lunch
Session 5: Molecular bioimaging
Chairs: Iztok Urbančič, Eva Sevcsik
14:00 Small variations in protein structure induce selectivity in the aggregation process of insulin.
Claudio Canale
, University of Genoa, IT
Invited presentation
14:25 Alterations in unfolding of FRET-labelled fibronectin in the extracellular matrix of NIH/3T3 fibroblasts and MDA-MD-231 breast cancer cells
Matthew Walker
, University of Glasgow, UK
TNA Beneficiary
14:40 Microscopes and antarctic fish: how developing high-resolution microscopy for 0°C imaging sheds a new life on cold-adapted systems
Anne-Pia Marty
, University of Cambridge, UK
Oral presentation
14:55 Measuring biophysical properties of cells and nanoscale bioparticles in health and disease
Erdinc Sezgin
, Karolinska Institutet, SE
Invited presentation
15:20 Spatial requirements for T-cell receptor triggering probed via a DNA origami-based biointerface
Eva Sevcsik
, Technischen Universität Wien, AT
Invited presentation
15:45 Coffee break
16:15 Current trends and developments of biophysics in Africa and the actions organized by Society of Africa Biophysical Societies (SABS)
Philip Amuyunzu Mang’are
, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, KE
Chair: Juan Sabin
Networking oral presentation
Session 6: Company presentations
Chair: Kristina Eleršič Filipič
16:30 MINFLUX tracking for real-time observation of biological processes at molecular resolution
Ulf Matti
, Aberrior Instruments, DE
Company presentation
16:40 The Triceratops SPR #64 – tap into a new dimension with next generation multiplexing SPR
Cyrill Bruner
, Bruker, CH
Company presentation
16:50 Alto & OpenSPR: Nicoya’s label-free solutions for biologics research
Dina Niculaes
, Nicoya Lifesciences, CA
Company presentation
17:00 BiacoreTM 1 series – Next generation one needle SPR system from Cytiva
Florian Koelle
, Cytiva Europe, DE
Company presentation
17:10 Recent advances in biomolecular characterization by mass photometry
Matthias Langhorst
, Refeyn, DE
Company presentation
17:20 Sandoz Slovenia
Tamara Cvijić
, Lek Farmacevtska družba, SI
Company presentation
17:30 MOSBRI General Assembly
The White Hall (where lectures have been taking place). (The Banquet Room, ground floor)
Open to all.
19:30 Congress Dinner (The Grand Union Hall, ground floor)

Thursday 13th June 2024

08:00 Welcome coffee
Session 7: Emerging approaches in biophysics
Chairs: Patrick England, Josef Houser
08:30 Single-molecule nanopore proteomics: from enzyme dynamics to protein sequencing
Giovanni Maglia
, University of Groningen, NL
Invited presentation
08:55 Preparation of non-covalent self-assembled nanoparticles for nanomedicine
Paolo Di Gianvincenzo
, CIC biomaGUNE, ES
TNA Beneficiary
09:10 MAGNA™: a novel single molecule approach for the real-time analysis of biomolecular interactions using magnetic force spectroscopy.
Pascale Beurdeley
, Depixus, FR
Company presentation
09:20 Forces in chaperone-mediated protein unfolding and cell adhesion
Matthias Rief
, Technische Universität München, DE
Invited presentation
09:45 Infrared nanospectroscopy a new tool in biophysics
Jehan Waeytens
, Université Libre de Bruxelles, BE
Oral presentation
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Site-directed spin labelling and electron paramagnetic resonance for the study of the human flavoprotein Cytochrome P450 reductase
Maxime Bizet
Oral presentation
10:45 Nanoscale dynamics of biomolecular interactions: from viruses to antibiotics
Wouter Roos
, University of Groningen, NL
Invited presentation
11:10 Ultimate DSC, a new tool for protein characterization
Yannice Ricci
, Calneos, FR
Company presentation
11:20 First step toward the development of an optical biosensor based on vibrational spectroscopy for the detection of airborne pathogens
Tiziana Mancini
, University of Rome La Sapienza, IT
Oral presentation
11:35 From integrative structural biology to cell biology
Andrej Šali
, University of California, San Francisco, USA
Chair: Gregor Anderluh
Closing plenary
12:20 Conclusion, awards ceremony

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