ESC7: Single Molecule Approaches

Date(s) - 06/11/23 - 08/11/23
All day event


Link: ESC7 webpage


This MOSBRI organised course focuses on single-molecule and single-particle approaches, which are approaches that are nowadays common in biophysics labs. With these approaches one can study molecules and particles at the single entity level as opposed to bulk methods in which ensemble averaging occurs over large quantities of particles. In particular the focus will be on STED super-resolution microscopy, optical tweezers and atomic force microscopy.

During the course the participants will learn about the fundamental background and operational procedures of the techniques and hands-on practice with the instruments will be performed. Attention will be given to sample preparation, set-up operation, data gathering and data analysis. As the techniques are quite labour intensive to learn, the applicants will, after an introduction on the three techniques, focus on one of the three techniques to work with during the three days. Short excursions to the other techniques will be organised.

More information about this course, including details of how to apply can be found here.