Towards data FAIRness in molecular biophysics

Date(s) - 07/11/24 - 08/11/24
All day event


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t is increasingly difficult for biophysical researches to keep up with what has been measured and how the measurement was performed. This is partly due to accumulation of data over time and partly due to requirements to Methods and Material sections varying substantially depending on the journal. The next hurdle is reached when researchers want to reanalyse data using alternative models or want to conduct large scale meta-analysis. Both of these goals would be greatly aided by access to the raw measurement data and results in a searchable form, especially if sufficient metadata is present to undertake the analysis in a fully or semi-automatic fashion. Currently, it is still not commonplace to deposit biophysical data, and even less likely to deposit it in a structured form. This is of course where data management and annotation comes in, and due to the amount of data present, it is becoming an increasingly critical task.

At this conference we’re bringing together researchers from various repositories and databases, as well as users, so they can present the latest developments in the resources themselves and the developments in how the resources are used.

The focus will in particular be on interoperability and integrative approaches in biophysics.

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