XI International Conference Bifi 2024: Artificial Intelligence At The Crossroads Of Interdisciplinary Science

Date(s) - 17/01/24 - 19/01/24
All day event


Link: Conference website


The XI International Conference BIFI 2024: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AT THE CROSSROADS OF INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE will take place next January 17th to 19th 2024 at the Biocomputation and Complex Systems Physics Institute (BIFI), located on Campus of the University of Zaragoza. BIFI-LACRIMA is one of MOSBRI partners.

As the title suggests, this year’s conference will focus on methods and applications based on artificial intelligence (AI) in various fields of research, ranging from statistical modeling and the physics of complex systems to structural and systems biology. In all of these areas, where researchers at the host Institute BIFI are deeply involved, AI-based methodologies are playing an increasingly central role, constituting a fundamental piece in the advance of our understanding of physical and biological complex systems. Furthermore, the application of AI to these specific domains serves as a catalyst for the development of increasingly sophisticated computational methods with enhanced analytical and predictive capabilities, applicable in broader contexts. By bringing together international researchers interested in the development of AI-based methodologies and their application in various scientific domains, the XI International Conference BIFI 2024 is conceived as a forum to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration among renowned researchers. During the meeting, we will have the chance to collectively discuss critical challenges in our respective fields of study that are amenable to AI-based solutions and to collaborate on innovative approaches for their implementation.
All topics broadly related to, or involving AI and ML applications in Physics, Biology, and Statistics are welcome to the meeting, where scientific contributions will be organized according to the following tracks:

  • Track 1. AI Methods and Applications.
  • Track 2. AI and Statistical Modelling.
  • Track 3. AI Applications in Physics.
  • Track 4. AI Applications in Biomedicine.

You can find more information about the congress and registration on their webpage: https://bifi24.bifi.es/