Course on Protein Quality Control

Date(s) - 28/05/24 - 31/05/24
All day event


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This course is organized by Prof. André Matagne, Laboratory of Enzymology and Protein Folding, Centre for Protein Engineering, University of Liège, Belgium, on behalf of the F.R.S.-FNRS Graduate School “Structure and Function of Biological Macromolecules, Bioinformatics and Modelling” and the Belgian Biophysical Society.

Purified proteins stand as a central focus in numerous research laboratories, where they are used for a wide spectrum of applications ranging from 3D structural analysis, through X-ray, cryoEM, and NMR studies, to in-depth investigations into interactions (protein-protein, protein-ligand, or protein-nucleic acid) and cell biology experiments. Furthermore, these proteins play a crucial role in characterizing biological (e.g. enzymatic) activities. Beyond the realm of academic research, purified proteins serve as efficient tools in the therapeutic and diagnostic landscape, finding applications in various pharmaceutical industries. To ensure the reliability of experimental data in these studies, stringent protein quality controls are imperative. In 2021, the collaborative efforts of the ARBRE-MOBIEU and P4EU networks resulted in the publication of comprehensive guidelines for evaluating purified proteins in life sciences and medical trials (de Marco et al., 2021; Berrow et al., 2021). The objective of this course is to familiarize participants with these guidelines for protein quality control and to provide an overview of the technologies essential for enhancing the accuracy and reproducibility of data obtained with purified proteins. Throughout the course, participants will have access to the theoretical foundations of these technologies and will also gain hands-on experience with them, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

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The deadline for applications is: 15th March 2024.